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RPG Battle Music

Add epicness, intensity and fantasy to your role-play games with these 8 battle themes (divided in 52 tracks so you can create interactive music) and 5 orchestral fanfares that will take the music of your game to new heights at a low price.

Soundcloud link (listen to all the music of the pack)

Tracklist PDF


More about the pack:

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 JRPG Music Pack

Combat Whooshes Sounds

- The songs on the pack are useful for battles, action scenes, tense moments, combats, war.

- This music tracks are perfect to set up the RPG/Fantasy atmosphere.

- Made with mainly orchestral instruments, there's also some modern instruments (drums, electric guitar, electric bass)

- The pack contains stems so you can create interactive music.


______[What's inside the pack]______


[Theme 1 - Time To Fight]

Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_FullTrack.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Loop_FullTrack.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_FullTrack_WithoutDrumIntro.wav


Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_Stem1_Drums.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_Stem1_Drums_WithoutDrumIntro.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_Stem2_Strings.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_Stem3_Brass.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_Stem4_Choir.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_Stem5_Woodwinds.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_Stem6_Electric.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Intro_Stem7_Piano.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Loop_Stem1_Drums.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Loop_Stem2_Strings.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Loop_Stem3_Brass.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Loop_Stem4_Choir.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Loop_Stem5_Woodwinds.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Loop_Stem6_Electric.wav Music_1_TimeToFight_Loop_Stem7_Piano.wav


[Theme 2 - Hard Clash] 

Music_2_RoughConflict_Intro_FullTrack.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Loop_FullTrack.wav


Music_2_RoughConflict_Intro_Stem1_Percussion.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Intro_Stem2_Strings.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Intro_Stem3_Brass.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Intro_Stem4_Choir.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Intro_Stem5_Woodwinds.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Loop_Stem1_Percussion.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Loop_Stem2_Strings.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Loop_Stem3_Brass.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Loop_Stem4_Choir.wav Music_2_RoughConflict_Loop_Stem5_Woodwinds.wav


[Theme 3 - Rough Conflict] 



Music_3_HardClash_Loop_Stem1_Percussion.wav Music_3_HardClash_Loop_Stem2_Strings.wav Music_3_HardClash_Loop_Stem3_Brass.wav Music_3_HardClash_Loop_Stem4_Choir.wav Music_3_HardClash_Loop_Stem5_Woodwinds.wav


[Theme 4 - Heroic Fight]

Music_4_HeroicFight_Intro_FullTrack.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Loop_FullTrack.wav


Music_4_HeroicFight_Intro_Stem1_Percussion.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Intro_Stem2_Strings.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Intro_Stem4_Brass.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Intro_Stem4_Choir.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Intro_Stem5_Woodwinds.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Loop_Stem1_Percussion.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Loop_Stem2_Strings.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Loop_Stem4_Brass.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Loop_Stem4_Choir.wav Music_4_HeroicFight_Loop_Stem5_Woodwinds.wav


[Theme 5 - Long Battle]



[Theme 6 - Evil Battle]



[Theme 7 - Slow Battle]



[Theme 8 - Fast Battle]




Fanfares_BigWin.wav Fanfares_GameOver_01.wav Fanfares_GameOver_02.wav Fanfares_Win_01.wav Fanfares_Win_02.wav





All files are in:

WAV - Stereo  44.1 Khz, 16bit

OGG - Stereo  44.1 Khz, 16bit


[Use them again & again]

Use the music over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the music in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.


[Professional audio services]

For custom music, sound design, sound engineering or any other game audio services, please send a mail to: audioalchemiststore@gmail.com


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Get this asset pack and 59 more for $518.93 USD
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